Heatstroke - Taylor V. Donovan This was one of the most incredible, beautiful and fabulous stories I have ever read.

I loved everything about it and I enjoyed it so much from the first page to the the last, I loved how the story was told through journals entries and this didn't make it less captivating, the characters was still so rich that you feel connected to them and find yourself lost in their story, love and struggles.

This story reminded me of one of my favorite movies it's called "Possession", so I very much enjoyed that combination between the contemporary setting and historical one, the writing was wonderful and made the transition between the two times smooth in a way that you didn't lose touch with the characters from both setting and still get lost in the mystery of the story and feel anxious to find what happens at the end, I wish someone would actually make this into a movie I know it going to be amazing and I would definitely watch it.

I was a little sad that we didn't get to see a happy ending for Michael too or a glimpse of his future and to know if he get together with Charlie or not but this didn't make the story less amazing or enjoyable.

This story was simply