Rare - Garrett Leigh Again I don't know how to rate this one too.

I liked it at tge begging it seem like I understood them more especially since I had a knowledge of their background from the first book, but then the sister story came and the pete accident and I don't know I felt detached, the thing is I discovered what is bothering me with this books is that the emotions and their bond is flat, yes it is written and spoken by the characters but I can't feel it, the only time I can is in the moments before and during their sexual encounters, otherwise I don't feel it outside this , there is no emotions that moves and make me love the characters or their story.

The story is well written, the main characters were really messed up and written really good, but the emotions in the story they were just words I couldn't feel them and such I didn't feel and draw to any of the characters.

I am disappointed I thought this book is going to shake and make feel and cry and get attached to the characters even after I finished the book, but it left me confused, detached and can't to forgot about this book and start a new one.