Not His Kiss to Take

Not His Kiss to Take - Finn Marlowe Being a migrainer half my life , made me pick this book as soon as I read it in the description.

For the few first chapters I did'nt like the novel that much , even though I liked Evan I disliked Jamie I mean he did'nt deserves what happened to him I mean no one does but he was so homophopic.

Then After I reached chapter nine I was already in love with Evan and I started to change my mind about Jamie.

By the time I finished I was totally in love with both of them and this novel is so wicked, I loved it so much and I really enjoyed it.

The writing was amazing , this book has it all , it is funny , sexy , steamy and full of passion.

I am really glad I didn't stop reading because I would'nt discover the beautiful relationship between Jamie and Evan.