a mountain to climb

a mountain to climb - Grimm (AO3) For the first time I actually didn't like Stiles, I mean I have read in some reviews that he acts like an *asshole*, it just I didn't know it would be this frustrating and annoying.

And when they finally got together there was no intimacy between them, Stiles and Derek weren't their usual selfs I just didn't feel them.

Also what with the Jennifer Blake thing,that plot didn't add anything to the story and it was unecessary and kind of stupid.

There was a reference in the novel about how Stiles was a cliché from a lifetime movie because he was a pregnant teenager, well to me this one felt like a lifetime movie especially an annoyingly boring one.

The only reasons this is two stars instead of one is I like mpreg with Sterek especially in A/B/O universe (although I didn't feel it in this story and I wouldn't know it was there if the author didn't mention it) and I kind of actually liked the ending, I am a sucker for HEA.