Burn Me 'Til There's Nothing Left

Burn Me 'Til There's Nothing Left - halcyon1993 2.5 Stars.

To me this one was long for a fanfiction (431 pages).

The story was about post-nogitsune stiles but it doesn't concentrate on it other than a few mentions of stiles not eating or that he looked tired and only two scenes with nightmares we don't get anything more, the story mostly concentrate on the new threat in town which in my opinion was a little bit boring.

Lydia was getting on my nerves wuth how much she middles in everything, and I didn't like how Stiles reacted to some of the situation in the story, also I didn't feel the love or the connection between Stiles and Derek that much, aslo there is a lot of pov switching in the story between almost the whole pack members which annoyed me.

Overall this was an okay read I just wanted the story to concentrate more on post-nogitsune Stiles struggles and to have a deeper connection with Derek.