In Case The Daylight Never Comes - plume_bob

This was an amazing, dark and wonderfully written story.




I loved the slow build, the tension and the growing connection between Derek and Stiles, their bond was beautiful emotional and very erotic. The smut scenes were definitely hot and very sexy, I adored Stiles sarcasm it definitely lighten up the story and it was so good to see Derek humorous and opening up to Stiles.



The writing was really good and very talented, the plot was great and very captivating, the suspense was entertaining and intriguing. The characterization of Derek and Stiles with rest of the pack and characters felt true to the show and still fit perfectly with the storyline.I loved the epilogue and how the author stayed away from the miscommunication plot at end after the bond was broken.


Overall this was an awesome story and I really enjoyed reading it.