Twilight Tenth Anniversary/Life and Death Dual Edition - Stephenie Meyer

When I first heard about this books I thought it was going to be GLBT version of Twilight between Beau and Edward and I thought that was going to be awesome and I had to read it, and then I heard that it was only a gender swap verison of twilight but still I was curious to read it and so I did.


The story doesn't make sense and lots of the characters behavior doesn't fit the gender swap.


Most of the story is the same as the original except a few details here and there and of course the alternate ending.


Beau character didn't have a voice of it's own and most of the story he still acted like Bella except maybe for the last couple of chapters, it trully felt like stephenie only replaced the SHE with HE.


Once upon a time when I was a teenager I read The Twilight Saga and watched all the movies and I loved it very much and still does even though my reading preferences has changed and matured still it was a memorable part of my journey as a reader and I felt like the author ruined it for me by rewriting the story this way.


Overall I didn't hate this version completely but still I didn't love it or enjoyed reading it that much.