Between Sinners and Saints - Marie Sexton

This was a really beautiful book, the writing was mesmerizing and the story intriguing, the characters both MCs and secondary were well established and so rich and deep, the slow build and the romance and angst were done wonderfully.


Levi was amazing I loved him so much, he was so attentive and compassionate and so patient, his love for Jaime was beautiful and reverently someone once told me that love is not about changing who you are but about becoming a better person for that person you love and that exactly what I felt happened to Levi and it was so heart warming.


He leaned over and kissed those lines on Jaime's wrist, as if he could take away the pain of whatever had caused Jaime to make them,..... 

Jaime was a wonderful character his struggles and and fears and pain was so real and he broke my heart but still he was strong and willing to fight for himself and his life and for Levi.


His fear was part of him.It wasn't something to be exorcised.It wasn't something to be obeyed.It needed only to acknowledged..........So Jaime accepted his fear.Yes, it was there.So be it.


Levi and Jaime were adorable together and their relationship was so intimate

even though they weren't touching for most of the story

(show spoiler)

it is like it wasn't need to achieve that level of Intimacy and love between them and when they get to it, it was so sweet and passionate.


Levi and Jaime made me laugh, cry and be angry for them and with them and I loved every minute of it and overall this was an awesome book and I have enjoyed reading it so much.