Only You - Aimee Nicole Walker

1.5 Stars.


This book started good but then clearly the fifty shades of grey inspiration hit the author and the fiasco began.


Granted some of the characters behaviors, characteristics and past, the plot details is different but at heart it has fifty shades all over it especially the Mcs relationship and some of the plot lines.


Sebastian was an inconsistent character one minute he is a dominant and the other he is a submissive, one minute he is cold and emotionally closed off and the next he is loving caring tender with tears and hugging literally everyone in the book. Adam was confusing at times too and I didn't like his character at all.

All in all the story was ridiculous and didn't feel relastic and the Mcs relationship jumped one second from being attracted to each to the next of being so deeply in love and you are my world and to HEA.


I really don't know what still makes authors inspire work from that horrible and insulating trilogy is it because it is so stupidly successful I really have no idea why, I mean with the summary this book has the potential to be a great book but with author fifty shades direction it sank down, overall this book wasn't as awful as FSoG but still wasn't good either and I didn't hate it but I didn't like it either.