Stepping Off the Razor’s Edge

Stepping Off the Razor’s Edge - MissAnnThropic 3.5 Stars.

I Loved [b:Occam's Razor|24250360|Occam's Razor|MissAnnThropic||43834524] so when I saw it has a sequel I had to read it.

I really liked this one too, this roadtrip has it all dark and sad moments, funny moments,content moments, comforting moments, intimate moment and definitely some hot sexy moment.

"Misery likes company" and that what had pulled Derek and Stiles together their pain and their gulit where stiles is still reeling from the aftermath of the nogitsune and suffering from PTSD and Derek dealing with the his pack leaving him but that was not their only pain both still suffering from losing their loved ones, Stiles's mom and Derek's family.

At the beginning their pain and guilt were there common grounds and what brought them together but as they are on the road it evolve from companionship to comforting to friendship and then into something more, Stiles and Derek were both lost but in this roadtrip they found who they are and each other and learned how to move on with life together.

The writing as usual was beautiful and captivating. I think this is more of a prequel than a sequel, at the beginning I thought this one would be after Stiles went the future but it wasn't nonetheless it was still a very enjoyable read, it was nice too see all the things mentioned in [b:Occam's Razor|24250360|Occam's Razor|MissAnnThropic||43834524] about the roadtrip and have more understanding of the story especially Stiles getting his tattoo.

The only reasons this is 3.5 not 4 stars is because I didn't get a kiss, I need those sterek kisses, please!

I really hope the author do write a sequel I would love to see how Stiles handle everything after he has seen the future.

I found this in Tumblr perfect for this story: