Shot at the Night

Shot at the Night - MissAnnThropic 3.5 Stars .

This is not a Sterek romance instead it is mostly sterek bonding as Derek help & comfort stiles while he deals with the aftermath of the nogitsune leading them to form a two-men pack, this was a sorrowful beautiful story that ended in hopeful note, I love reading [a:MissAnnThropic|11867656|MissAnnThropic|] fanfic her style is amazing and easy to read and make you relate to the characters, few writers for me has true grasp of post-nogitsune stiles and his struggles and [a:MissAnnThropic|11867656|MissAnnThropic|] is definitely one of them I really like howthe author captured his struggles in a relastic way and I hope that the author will extend this story into a sequel one day.