Breathing Again

Breathing Again - Sofia Grey Thanks to the author for the effort and participating in this event and offering this freebie.

This was a very powerful and emotional story that drove me to tears, it was definitely a paniful read but nonetheless a good one.

Travis is wounded ex-solider who lost his leg during a tour in Afghanistan and has PTSD, he was written this way and he felt this way, I could feel all his pain and turmoil, his struggles between trying to fight back for his life and for his lover Kyle or just taking the easy way and give up, his only companion in this was his brother Brady. Travis felt real not just a character written, and that twist as much as it was shocking but it was some how perfect for the story and just drove the ache in my heart for Travis deeper.

This story was really beautiful and deep in realistic way, I usually want some sex scenes between the Mcs but for the first time I was happy for the no sex tag, it would have been misplaced in the story and it would have diminish the intensity of the story, the ending was beautiful and hopeful in a suitable way for the story and left me wanting more to see Kyle and Travis overcome their troubles and rebuild their life together again.

This is my third read for Sofia Grey and as always she doesn't disappoint her writings are fascinating and mesmerizing, with deep and rich characters.