Fifty Shades Trilogy

Fifty Shades Trilogy - E.L. James DNF@75%
First I would like to clarify why two stars not one cause I kinda liked the first book a little, I thought that the next books will have the characters grow emotionally and mentally but no same old same old even worse, the writing was bad I couldn't feel the characters and there was no intimacy between the MC, ana was a stupid naive 21 girl who act like a 16 years old she has no self value no self repect and confidence not mention fall in love with someone who control every aspect of her life doesn't respect her opinion constantly underestimating her and repressing her, christian is a control freak who treat ana like property rather than lover and I mean I like f***ed up characters but Christian is too much of jerk to even like, this book is not BDSM book it is just about two people engaging in rough sex to me this book is an insult to the BDSM community cause Christian is not a Dom nor a sadist and only use it as a mean of revenge from his mother, this book has the most disturbing scene I have ever read where Christian have sex with ana during her period and she was ok with it I mean Disgusting, the next two books was all sex no story except nonsense suspens that it was poor addition to the story by the time I reached half the last book I said enough I can't take any more boring meaningless BS, I don't know how did this manage to be a bestseller and a movie but I guess that is not for me and till now I don't know how did I continued to read till half of last book, all I know is this was not an enjoyable read it was frustrating and boring and that this ugly book is being permanently deleted from my ereader and wiped out of my mind forever.
P.S. I only read this because once upon a time when I was a naive teen I read Twilight Saga and you can see the resemblance to the MC characters and their actions very clearly which made me realise how in hell I liked twilight I guess I was just a kid but to me I think twilight was much better in terms of writing and characters.