An Old-Fashioned Love Song

An Old-Fashioned Love Song - Michelle K. Grant I am not into BDSM stories but if all of them is like this one then count me in.
I loved this story from the first word to the last, I thought stories with BDSM characters will be shallow and concentrate only on the sex but I was surprised by Malachi and Seth both were deep and full of emotions I couldn't help falling absolutely in love with them, every word they said every act was loaded with feelings. I also loved seth family and Malachi's neighbor were I normally don't care much about second characters but I liked these and loved the way they enriched the story.
I loved the writing, it was so beautiful and amazing I loved the way the story progressed, It was not slow nor fast just the perfect pace to understand the characters and their story.
I loved it and enjoyed it so much, I have noted that this was the first book in the series and that got me so excited cause I would love to read more of Seth and Malachi and definitely more of the author.