Special Forces - Veterans

Special Forces - Veterans - Aleksandr Voinov, Marquesate, Vashtan This review is not just based on the entire Special Forces epic not just veterans.

For the past three weeks my live has turn into one hell of a roller coaster ride, and to quote ßk70lvr I have been reading, living, breathing, sleeping, and eating (I would be holding my e-reader with one hand and eating with the other), I have never hated sleep before this because I was wasting time that I could read in it instead, not that stopped Dan and Vadim from popping into my dreams.

No books before and I am sure no books after would ever make me feel the way I felt during this series, I loved it is a small word compare to what I feel about this epic, I will cherish it and love Dan and Vadim forever, I was honored that I get to share their 25 years journey through hatred, love, lust, fear, desperation, worry, anger, jealousy, pain, humor and a lot a lot more, I was an emotional outburst during these books I yelled, cursed, shouted, cried, laughed out loud , and slammed my fist into things. I Would love to thank by Aleksandr Voinov and Marquesate for giving us Dan and Vadim and making it free for us to read, even though this book deserve to pay any price for it.

Dan and Vadim has literally captivated me from that first night in Kabul where it all started to their last kiss, even though I can’t imagine my life without them anymore and I am writing this with a deep heartache and eyes full of tears, I will keep them forever in my heart. I shouldn’t say that but I couldn’t help it even though I loved both of them but Vadim is my favorite, he is closer to my heart with all that complication, I have never met a man who is so sophisticated and class and at the same time posses a very dangerous dark side that what draw you more to him, Vadim alone was a different emotional roller coaster ride for me beside the whole epic.

I will defiantly read the whole series again and again, and I recommend it to everyone because I know if they read it they won't regret it.