Special Forces: Mercenaries Part I

Special Forces: Mercenaries Part I - Vashtan, Marquesate 4 stars, for the too much pain, too much anger and frustration, and too much infidelity.

Dan “Mad Dog” is the reason for too much anger and infidelity and part of the too much pain, I mean at the begging before Thailand I understood when he slept around I didn’t like it but at least he was somehow single, what I couldn’t understand is the after Thailand, I mean he was with Vadim why the sleeping around then, WTF I have never been this angry that I cried, yelled and cursed Dan a lot wishing I can cut his throat for what he is doing , I really did loath him during those moments. I mean Mr. I am not going back to monogamy and it is just sex clearly missed the news that when you tell someone I love you and especially the way he love Vadim is a commitment and that mean exclusive without the need to discuss it, when you say those words to someone you commit yourself to the other completely mind, heart, body and soul. Also, what the hell with all of these threesomes that he dragged Vadim to, how could someone offer the person he loves or just his body to someone else even if it is just sex and fun, call me old fashioned but this is the way I see it, when two persons are in love they belong to each other and only the other. Of course this doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy funny Dan or laughed at his jokes and some time his childish behaviors or when he melt my heart and make fall in love with him all over again when he was with Vadim and that he would do anything for him and help him overcome his demons and just be there with him and nothing is worth losing Vadim over not even sex.

Vadim our Russian “Rocky” on the other hand is the primary reason for the too much pain from the begging, I mean what happened to him, imprisonment, torture and losing everything and everyone he ever cared for and worked for and all of this simply because he fell in love, that just broke my heart. I mean being from the inside is far worse than being broken from the outside, because the scars on the outside heal fast and we move on but the scars in the inside they take forever to heal and sometimes they never does we just have to live with them. Vadim is a very complicated man it take you a while to understand him but when you do you cannot help but fall in love with that guy, I am glad that he was strong enough to deal with past and fight his demons and for what he want.

Overall I enjoyed this book more than I can say the writing is still amazingly indescribable, and this book is still one hell of an emotional roller coaster ride, I still felt the love , the pain , the anger, the tears, the fear , the joy and hilariousness and a lot more.

Vadim and Dan is so addictive , I literally can shake them out of my mid even when I am not reading the book , I mean there was moments when I wanted to stop reading because of the pain or the anger but I just couldn’t I was already captivated and hooked with these two , I lived for those moments between them during this book , even through those threesome the only thing that made it bearable to go through these scenes is that at the end it is just Vadim and Dan embracing and telling the other that I love you and you are the only one that matters, or what make me try and understand Dan Infidelities that at the end he loves Vadim and he belong to him and only him.

I can’t wait till I start my next journey through this amazing roller coaster ride when I start reading Special Forces: Mercenaries Part II, because simply I can’t have enough of these two.