An Unlocked Heart

An Unlocked Heart - K.C. Wells This book is what I needed, it has been a while since I read a book that captivated me like this.

This book is perfect the story of Leo and Alex is so touching and full of emotions, that make you fall in love deeply with them, their story and thrive in the words written that tell it so beautifully.

This book pulled me in from the first pages to the last one leaving me with a contented feeling and a state of joy and love.

I really loved this book, It was simply perfect from the characters to the story to the writing just amazingly perfect.

And K.C. Wells is now definitely one of my favourite authors, actually I screamed "I love you K.C. Wells, finally someone is a agreeing with me that that horrible trilogy of an exeuse of a book FSOG is an insult to Doms and Subs and the BDSM community as a whole" when I reached page 23 and Thomas and Leo was having a conversation about BDSM books, I also loved that she mentioned other authors and their BDSM novels in the book giving me advice as what to read next.

To me this book wasn't so much as BDSM relationship as it was a story of finding love and another chance in life and about two men who were somehow lost till they found each.

If someone want to read a book about BDSM relationship , a real one with meaning they should definitely pick this book.