Pressure Head

Pressure Head - J.L. Merrow I don't know what to say about this.

I loved tom, he is a great guy with good heart, he is a MAN U fan.

That what make phil so wrong for him, I hated phil from the begging I just couldn't like him, I hate bullies so much, and he is so arrogant and full of him self, maybe if the story was told from both point of view of tom and phil and we had more access the way he think we could understand him better and maybe I would have liked him, I don't understand his pull toward tom , is it guilt or something else I don't know , it is complicated just like phil.

Even though the story was funny and there was moments where I laughed out loud, but it lacked passion and intimacy between tom and phil, and that capturing essence that hooked into the story, I found myself more intrigued by the murder and the mystery around rather that the main plot, I use asked who killed Melanie rather than when is tom and phil are going to kiss.

Overall it was a nice read and I wasn't bord.