Return to Blackcreek

Return to Blackcreek - Riley Hart description

In the three pervious books in the series we got HFN for each couple in this book we get the HEA for each one of them.

This book was beautiful, sweet and full of love, the writing is still amazing and captivating as always.

I was happy to revisit blackcreek and our favorite couples again, it has been a while since I read the first two books in the serise it was so good to see Wes & Braden again they are still my favorite I love their relationship and their dynamic, Noah & Cooper are still wonderful and I loved their happy ending it was amazing in a funny way I mean an ugly sweater wedding, I have never heard of such thing but it suits them well, I just finished Gavin & Mason story before reading this book so they are still fresh in my mind even though I didn't like their story as much as the pervious two I have to say reading them in this book made me love them more they are still beautiful together and their ending was well deserved and long time coming.

Overall this book was a great addition to the serise and I enjoyed reading it and that epilogue just WoW it leaves you with huge grin on your face and a fuzzy contented feeling in your gut , the fact that it was written around Christmas added warmth and a delightful feeling to the book and I loved how each couple got a special moment on the same bridge it was very romantic.

This was an awesome holiday read that gave me the kick star of the season.