Get Off My Case (Stockton Wolves Book 1)

Get Off My Case (Stockton Wolves Book 1) - Lisa Oliver 2.5 Stars.

description first of all I have to say that this is one of the ugliest book covers that I have ever seen.

The short story version of this book which was published for free during the MM Romance Group DRITC event "Lover's Landscapes" was the firt MM shifters romance that I have read and I remember loving it so much that it was the reason I started reading this genre, but as much as I liked the short version I didn't like the complete story it wasn't bad but it wasn't good either.

This book started good (the parts from the short story) but then it started to go down and loose my interest, it felt like all the Mcs Shane and Dimitri do was go throuhgh loops of Dimitri "I am not gay" , Dimitri possessiveness and jealousy, havinf mating sex and trying to solve the murders mystery (which in my opinion was clear and I kinda already guessd the killer). At the end they solved the mystery, finally Dimitri said "I am gay" and oh yeah more unnessary gay shifters and HEA.

This book has a lot if ridiculous moment and stereotypes and in serious need of good editing, overall this was an okay read and I expected it to be better than this.