Loving Chase

Loving Chase - J.J. Scotts This review is for the whole Chase series.

This serise was a quick and delightful read and I enjoyed it, the first two books was a good start with a wonderful writing that pull you in and connect you with Liam and Chase and their story, as it go on and move to the third and fourth the story start to escalate with more suspense and some secrets being revealed making me more invested in the characters and their story, as we reached the final book I thought finally Liam and Chase was going to get their happy ending and understanding of each other the book was going fine until the we reached the final chapter and I was WHAT? THIS IS IT? I mean it was kinda a happy ending but it just left me bereft with so many loose ends and still a lot to me unanswered.

Oveall It was a nice and loveable serise and I enjoyed reading it and it was beautifully written but I wish there was at least more one book to make this series more complete to me.