Texas Wedding

Texas Wedding - R.J. Scott description

FINALLY I did it I read all seven books of this series which to be honest felt more like a chore I had to do than having fun.

It is not like this serise is awful it is just not enjoyable or that good, it is full of DRAMA soap opera drama, and most of the books felt repetitive, the Mcs Jack & Riley are very dull and there is no character growth same old same old in each book the only reason I kept coming back for this is just curiosity to know what ridiculous thing is going to happen to their universe which is full of sex, gay men, kids and every one is getting hitched and happily ever afters, the second characters were just over the top there was too much of them and excessive drama related to them.

The last book was a jumbled of plots stuffed into one book that made no sense and no relation to each other.

I can't believe that this sersie has lasted for an entire seven books, I am totally over and done with this serise and it's author, NEVER AGAIN.