Straight from the Heart (Exception to the Rule Book 3)

Straight from the Heart (Exception to the Rule Book 3) - Kimberly Gardner This was a sweet story and is part of a serise but can be read as stand alone.

The Mcs are endearing characters and their story was nice with too much angst in my opinion but I wanted more dance/football lessons between Kyle and Dave, we only get one each and they are short scenes too.

The second characters Mark & Josie are likeable and interesting their story is in the second book of the series "[b:His Fair Lady|21840497|His Fair Lady (Exception to the Rule #2)|Kimberly Gardner||41107872]"and I am thinking of read it, also we get to see the characters from the first book "[b:Almost Heaven|9411118|Almost Heaven (Exception to the Rule #1)|Kimberly Gardner||14295192]" celebrating their their wedding that was really nice.

Overall this was good read and felt like your typical GFY story between the Jock and the artsy guy