Just a Bit Unhealthy - Alessandra Hazard

4.5 Stars.



"You’re Mine"


I swear every time Gabe said that my heart skipped a beat.


I loved Jared and Gabriel they are so beautiful together their relationship was touching, emotional and so intimate, and when they get to the sex part they were HOT and passionate.


I fell in love with Gabe since the moment I read about him in Just a Bit Obsessed he was captivating, his love for Jared was wonderful that consuming needy clingy possessive love that warmed me from the inside out and the things he would say and do for Jared made my heart melt.


I loved this story so much, everything about it it so amazing the plot , the characters and the writing they are fabulous.I wish this book didn't end I need more Gabe and Jared in my life.


I loved the prequel of the series but I didn't love the first and second book as much but I think this book is my favorite one of them all.


I adore this serise and I really like the author's style and I will definitely continue reading it.