Anchor - DiscontentedWinter
Peter/Sheriff Stilinski is definitely an unusual pair and it would never crosse my mind.

This was a good read but at the same time it was weird because it is sherrif Stilinski and I don't think of him as a sexual character and I feel about him just like I feel about parents having sex, Hell Noooooooooo! AWKWARD!!!

So I tried to look at the story objectively.

The story is beautiful and their relationship is so intimate and sweet, the angst and the slow build is done wonderfully, and it is not sexual as much as it us about love and being there for that person, also that scene when the Sheriff was underssing peter it was hot and intense it made my heart melt.

The ending was cute in a funny way and wish I could see the look on Stiles's face.

Overall I enjoyed reading this but I don't think I will be shippeing this pair.