Zac's Mulligan (Guarding The Gods Book 1) - Ann Lister

Ann Lister is one of my favorite authors and I loved her The Rock Gods serise and when I saw this book I knew that I had to read it.


This book doesn't feel like a spin-off as much as continuation of the Rock Gods serise since you could see all the characters from the series and they still play some how a major role in the book and as much as it was good to see the guys from Black Ice & Ivory Tower I wasn't that much fond of Zac & Ben, they were annoying and ridiculous and sometimes they acted childishly, also I didn't feel any romance between them, the twist with their family felt a little bit dramatic and I kinda sensed it from the start.


Overall this was not as good as the pervious books and it was an okay read because I got see all my favorite guys from the other books, still I am not giving up on this serise and hope the next book is better because I am definitely looking forward to Fizzbo story.